Become the Key Ingredient

When you walk into BRAVO! Cucina Italiana you are met with a warm smile and the promise of an amazing Italian meal! Our menu features fresh, prepared to order classic dishes from regional Italian recipes and the ambiance mirrors that of a lively family gathering. The common ingredient that creates our comforting Guest environment is the wonderful Team at BRAVO! Just like we nurture our dishes, we nurture our Team Members. We want YOU to be one of our Key Ingredients!

"BBRG has helped me jump start my career. I have truly found a family at BRAVO! I love BBRG because it feels like home." -- Katie M.
Sous Chef
Katie M.
"I'm personally passionate about people, plates and pasta. BBRG lets me serve all 3!" -- Brad H.
Sous Chef
Brad H.
"What I love about BBRG is that our opinions matter. We encourage "out of the box" thinking, your voice is heard and can affect change. This is rare nowadays and for me an outstanding quality to have found in a publicly traded company." -- Paul R.
District Partner
Paul R.